SOS Children's Villages: The #GlobalCitizens Project for Lebanon

SOS Children's Villages: The #GlobalCitizens Project for Lebanon

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Under the patronage of the Embassy of Lebanon in Canada, in coordination with SOS Children’s Villages Canada, we have committed to uniting the community in support of the lives of vulnerable children in SOS Children's Villages Lebanon. We hope to have you join us in our mission to give children in Lebanon a loving and stable home by attending our fundraiser. You would be supporting the largest charity for orphaned and abandoned children in the world.

As fortunate Canadians and global citizens, we have the responsibility to support children of the world in any way that we can. We are all in this together and we can make profound change.

All proceeds will be going to SOS Children's Villages in Lebanon.

We thank you endlessly for the love and support!

To ATTEND the SOS CHARITY GALA on Saturday, April 13th 2019:

You can contact for more details.


***For more info about SOS Children's Villages***

SOS Children’s Villages is the world’s largest charity for orphaned and abandoned children. They provide loving homes by providing a family environment for children who have no one. These children are nurtured by an SOS Mother who is from the local community and professionally trained to form family ties with each child. Through education, medical, family strengthening and outreach programs, SOS Children’s Villages impacts the lives of over 1 million people each year. With your help, we hope to positively reach even more children and families in the years to come.

At the moment, an estimated 263 million children are out of school globally. We can change that. Through education and lifelong learning, the cycle of exclusion, poverty, domestic violence and family breakdown can be stopped. For children who do have access to education, it can mean the difference between a lifetime of struggle and success.

***For more info about our project with SOS Children’s Villages Lebanon***

It is SOS Children’s Villages belief that the best way to care for vulnerable children is to help them and their families before they become orphaned or abandoned - this is done through our Family Strengthening Programs (FSP).

Through SOS Children’s Villages Family Strengthening Programs, disadvantaged families, generally single mother headed households, are offered tools to better care for their children, primarily through Community Development Programs, Skills Training and Small Business and Micro Enterprise Initiatives. These programs offer support for families in the short, medium and long term, in order to not only meet the more immediate needs of families and vulnerable children, but also to support families to become self-sufficient.

The situation for women entrepreneurs in Lebanon is more favourable than other countries in the Middle East and Northern African region. However, female entrepreneurship in Lebanon in still relatively low and the majority of women-owned businesses in the country operate in the informal sector, making it more difficult to access formal finance from banks.

As entrepreneurship provides another means to generate income, SOS Ambassador Rita Houkayem in partnership with the Embassy of Lebanon are excited to fundraise to empower women in the FSP programs at SOS Children’s Villages Lebanon to pursue entrepreneurship through the donation of funds needed to start, grow or scale innovative enterprises.

The objective is to economically empower 5-10 vulnerable mothers in Family Strengthening Programs in SOS Lebanon to help them meet the immediate needs of their children in the short term, while developing their capacity to meet the needs of their children independently over the long term.

Moreover, in addition to financial support, interactive workshop sessions with experts and mentors and successful business people will provide the 5-10 women with knowledge and skills needed for business start-up and survival and good practice for building confidence and for resolving real-life business problems. This project will enable women to become economically empowered through skills, knowledge and alliances built throughout the process. This economic empowerment will transform the target beneficiaries from being recipients of assistance to providers of income for their own families, thus enabling them to sustain their livelihood and children in the long term independently.
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SOS Children's Villages

Campaign to Support SOS Children's Villages

SOS Children’s Villages offers safe and nurturing family homes to around 80,000 orphaned and abandoned children and youth in 134 countries around the world. Since 1949, SOS Children’s Villages has been guided by a basic principle: a loving home for every child. 


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